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Welcome to ThawWorld Medical Ltd. Established in 2020 as a regional distributor of medical devices for Asia/Pacific region, we are headquartered in Malaysia. Following this, ThawWorld has signed a landmark agreement with our associated partner, FreMon Scientific Inc. (USA), providing for exclusive distribution, covering currently 19 countries in the Asia/Pacific region, including Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lank, Bangladesh, Nepal plus all the 10 countries within ASEAN.

In 2020, ThawWorld is proud to announce the launch of FreMon’s flagship products, ZipThawTM 202 and ZipSleeveTM in the region. ZipThawTM 202 and ZipSleeveTM are the best and first in-class next-generation, freezer-to-vein blood product management solutions offering on demand plasma thawing and warming.


We aspire to be a partner of choice for medical marketing for our partners and distributors in Asia/Pacific. Working closely with our partners, we shall find, manage and motivate our distributors to maximise their selling efforts in a transparent and sustainable manner. Our mission is to bring the most innovative products that provide value-added cost-effective medical treatments to every patient in the region by leveraging our marketing know-how, product knowledge and geographical reach.

The region consists of diverse nations at different stages of economic development with distinct cultures, histories and languages that transfuse their economic and business environments. Our business model, encompassing at its core a ‘one-stop’ shop ensures ease of communication and performance to match with partners’ expectations and also support on-ground after-sales services to end users.

Mission of ThawWorld
To provide the most advanced and innovative medical products to
every healthcare service provider in Asia/Pacific region

Vision of ThawWorld
To be the partner of choice and a leading regional distributor for
medical marketing activities in Asia/Pacific region
ThawWorld is founded by Jim Pilkington and Prafs Shah
Jim is a self-made businessman who started and managed successful companies in US, dealing with a variety of customers including heathcare facilities. Over the last 5 years, Jim has spent a substantial part of the time in Asia, involved with various ventures.
Prafs is a business executive with extensive experience at senior and top level in multiple industries in Asia/Pacific over the last 22 years and previously in UK and Europe.
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