Plasma Thawing

The Thawing Challenge

Currently blood and tissue warming and thawing devices are slow, heavy, wasteful, inaccurate, prone to contamination, require costly labor and maintenance.


Long Wait Times

The current devices need roughly half an hour to warm up to function; clinicians tend to leave them plugged in 24/7 which increases energy use. When devices are ready to work, the actual thawing and warming takes up to half an hour.


Blood, Plasma and Tissue Waste

Due to longer than necessary wait times for warming and thawing blood, plasma and tissue excess product is processed and becomes waste.


No Temperature Control

Tracking and monitoring actual product bag or vial temperature as it thaws is hit or miss with only ambient temperature being reported delivering inconsistent results.


No Product Tracking

Water dependent devices cannot record real time processing on their own forcing technicians and doctors to use separate and often hand written tracking and recording.


Large Size/Frequent Recalibration

Current devices rely on 3 to 5 gallons/11.25 to 19 liters of heated water making them big and heavy requiring permanent lab bench space near a wet sink while being energy hogs. If moved they require extensive calibration, sanitization and maintenance.


Tethered to Water Source

Current devices need wet sinks for routine use and, like a fish tank, require twice weekly water changes with sanitization. Water also corrodes and increase the risk of cross contamination. Noisy agitation is required to mix the product.

FreMon ZipThaw™ Solution

A faster, safer way to thaw plasma.

FreMon's flagship product, ZipThawTM 202, makes blood plasma thawing easier, safer and faster. It is a portable, dry, quiet, small-footprint, light weight device that requires very little maintenance. ZipThawTM 202 has FDA clearance, CE Mark, ISO certification and UL listing for thawing fresh frozen plasma (FFP) and plasma frozen within 24 hours after phlebotomy (FP24).


Integrated Barcode Reader

ZipThaw™ 202 features an integrated barcode reader and software for easy tracking and data capture of the entire thawing process. The device plugs into a standard outlet and costs less to operate using far less energy than the competition.


ZipThawTM 202 is lightweight and features a sturdy, built-in carrying handle. You can easily move the device, either by hand or on a cart. Bring it to the patient in the OR, procedure room, bedside or trauma location.

Touch Screen

ZipThaw™ 202 has a touch screen with a user friendly interface.



ZipThaw™ uses a disposable yet durable leak proof sleeve that eliminates concerns of bursting bags and the sleeve contains technology that enables consistent temperature control of the final product.

How It Works

Easy - to - use
Plug - Prepare - Place - Play


Prepare ZipSleeve™

Place a frozen bag of plasma into a ZipSleeve™.

This patented disposable component is multi-use and leak-proof. Putting frozen, product into ZipSleeve™ protects the thawing device, prevents contamination, and works with ZipThaw™ for rapid thawing. If a bag of plasma ruptures, simply toss out the ZipSleeve™.


Place in ZipThaw™

With the frozen plasma in a ZipSleeve™, place it into one of the two ZipThaw™ chambers.


Retrieve Ready-to-Use Plasma

In short order, the plasma is thawed to your specification with software recording its progress every step of the way. Data is easily transferred via the USB and/or ethernet port.


See ZipThaw™ Overview





CE Mark


ISO 13485:2016



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